Kerdiffstown landfill remediation works update


Kildare County Council is finalising applications to An Board Pleanála (for planning permission) and the Environmental Protection Agency (for a licence) to remediate the Kerdiffstown Landfill and build a Public Park.

These applications, and the accompanying Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR), will be submitted in the next few weeks.  

The EIAR has assessed all aspects of the existing environment (water, air, noise, ecology, soil, archaeology, traffic, etc) and has predicted the improvements to the environment that the remediation of the site will bring. These works will also result in some temporary, short-term impacts (traffic and construction noise, possible odour) and the plan has been designed to minimise such impacts to an acceptable level.

The Project Team met with Kerdiffstown Landfill Community Liaison Group last week to update them on the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report and the future works at the site.

There will be extensive advertising and public engagement to announce the submission of the planning and EPA applications. All documentation will then be publicly available for download, and also inspection at the civic offices in Áras Chill Dara. At this time the documents may also be purchased in hard copy.

There will be several information sessions held to enable members of the public and stakeholders to engage with the project team on any issues of concern, and details of these sessions will be announced well in advance of their roll-out.

The Kerdiffstown Landfill remains under the supervision of Kildare County Council, using powers available under Section 56 of the Waste Management Act. The site is managed on a day-to-day basis by a dedicated site manager, a team of security personnel, and other staff to control 'leachate' (the run-off water that percolates through the waste) and landfill gas.

Kildare County Council will continue to issue community updates as remedial works on the site take place. For information about works at the site or to arrange a tour of the site -  Click Here