Two-thirds of company directors expect staff to split time between office and home post-pandemic


A new business survey has confirmed the dramatic shift the pandemic has made to the Irish workplace with over two-thirds of company directors expecting all their staff to mix office and remote working once all restrictions are lifted.

Just 8% expect all staff to work exclusively work in the office, according to the survey of 226 company directors and business leaders carried out by the Institute of Directors (IoD)

A smaller minority of just 2% said that all their staff will exclusively work remotely once restrictions are lifted.

“Our research is further confirmation of the seismic societal change wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic," Maura Quinn, chief executive of the IoD in Ireland said. 

The shift in business leaders’ views in relation to the nature of work - or, more precisely - where their organisations’ staff will work once the relevant restrictions are lifted, is significant. 

"However, it remains to be seen just how sustainable these findings will be in practice as we all negotiate the coming months.”

Other results from the survey reveal that the largest number of respondents sees the final quarter of this year, as the most likely period when a majority of staff will return to the official workplace.

"It is an indicator of the level of continuing uncertainty that over 20% of business leaders still see the biggest risk to their organisations is a return of tight public health restrictions caused by the Delta and other Covid-19 variants. 

"The pace of the national vaccination programme is hugely encouraging, but caution is preceding confidence for many," Ms Quinn added.