Department to update schools on CO2 monitor deliveries


Primary and secondary schools which are due to reopen within the next two to three weeks, will find out this week when they will receive CO₂ monitors.

The Department of Education previously announced that it would supply tens of thousands of carbon dioxide monitors to schools to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, and that the devices will be in schools by September.

However, schools have not received any further communication since the updated guidance on ventilation was issued by the Department.

The guidance includes the introduction of CO₂ monitors to help monitor air quality in classrooms.

A department spokesperson confirmed to RTÉ's News at One last week that the logistics for the distribution of CO₂ monitors are being finalised and schools will be informed of the arrangements this week and the distribution is on schedule to begin later this month.

Asked if there were likely to be any changes to safety measures in light of over 12s being eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, the spokesperson said schools have been advised that they should continue to operate with the current infection prevention and control measures in place when they reopen.

The spokesperson said the reopening will be carried out in close consultation with Public Health and education partners, that school Covid-19 response plans will be updated by the department, and they will be available for schools in advance of reopening.

The spokesperson added that it is not envisaged that there will be any updates that require schools to take action in advance of normal reopening.

The department will also undertake a communications campaign with parents and students in advance of school reopening to inform and remind them of the arrangements in place in schools operating during Covid-19.