Coral reef covered by giant fishing net



A scuba diver was shocked when his underwater camera captured a large fishing net trapped in a coral reef off the small island of Koh Losin in the Gulf of Thailand.

The diver who filmed the video was on a dive trip when he spotted the net and was shocked by how big it was.

"It covered most area of the hard coral gardens around the dive site. I have done a couple of diving trips to Losin but I had never seen Losin reef this bad before," diver and photographer @imancamera said.

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'Ghost nets', such as the one found in Losin, can have a devastating impact on coral reefs, by breaking the reefs and preventing healthy growth, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Koh Losin is a popular dive spot located around 100 km east of Narathiwat in the south of Thailand.