EPA announces draft National Hazardous Waste Management Plan 2021-2027 is now open for public consultation


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published the draft National Hazardous Waste Management Plan 2001-2007 and associated Strategic Environmental Assessment and Appropriate Assessment.

These documents are open for public consultation until 17 September 2021.

The objectives of the draft National Hazardous Waste Management Plan 2021 - 2027 are to:

  • Support and drive prevention of hazardous waste.
  • Improve the collection infrastructure for hazardous waste.
  • Endorse the proximity principle so that hazardous wastes are treated as close to the point of production as possible – including within Ireland.
  • Support effective regulation of the movement and disposal of hazardous wastes in line with national policy priorities.
  • Promote safe reuse and recycling pathways in support of the circular economy.

Laura Burke, Director General of the EPA said: “The purpose of the National Hazardous Waste Management Plan is to protect the environment and human health, through promoting awareness, driving prevention and advocating for best-practice management of hazardous wastes. National waste statistics published by the EPA have highlighted the steady increase in hazardous waste generated in Ireland with the majority exported for treatment.

"This draft plan sets a range of recommended and co-ordinated actions across a range of stakeholders to raise awareness, prevent hazardous waste and improve the collection network for hazardous waste. I encourage interested stakeholders to contribute to the public consultation.”

While good progress has been made based on the actions from the previous National Hazardous Waste Management Plan 2014 - 2020, there are still many challenges such as increasing trend in hazardous waste generated, inadequate collection systems for certain hazardous wastes and the over-reliance on export.

Mary Frances Rochford, Programme Manager, EPA Office of Environmental Sustainability said: “Moving to a less wasteful and circular economy where the focus is waste prevention, reuse and recycling is an important element of the plan. However, materials with hazardous properties are widely used throughout our economy and society - from highly regulated industrial settings through to our households. These hazardous materials can pose significant risks to human health and the environment if they are not properly used and managed.

“Actions within the plan are wide ranging and include support the move to a less wasteful and circular economy, including those that support awareness about the risks associated with using and storing hazardous substances and improved national collection systems for priority hazardous wastes, such as farm hazardous waste and unused and out-of-date medicines.”

The draft National Hazardous Waste Management Plan, Strategic Environmental Assessment and Appropriate Assessment are available to view and download here

Submissions and observations are now invited from the public and interested stakeholders. The consultation period closes at 5pm on Friday 17 September 2021.