Wind responsible for 51% of State’s electricity last month


Gas demand fell 3 per cent last month as strong wind generation outweighed demand increases from industrial users. However, demand for the year-to-date is up 5 per cent new figures show.

Favourable weather conditions in February led to wind generation accounting for 51 per cent of the country’s electricity requirements - the second highest contribution on record.

At its peak, wind provided 75 per cent of demand with a low of 9 per cent during the month.

Figures compiled by Gas Networks Ireland show gas demand rose in some industry sectors in February, including in health-focused settings and manufacturing.

The impact of Covid-19 however was evident with demand remaining low in areas such as education and offices.

Gas demand for residential customers was down 6 per cent in the month but is up 5 per cent in the year-to-date.

Gas demand for power generation is up by 2 per cent since the start of the year, the latest figures show.

Source – The Irish Times