Online tool launched to give UK public their say on how to reach net zero


People across the UK are being asked for their views on how the UK should get on track to reach net zero emissions over the coming decades, as part of an online initiative led by cross-party think tank Demos alongside conservation group WWF and energy firms National Grid and ScottishPower.

Individuals taking part in the project will be offered the chance to use a new online tool developed by Demos and WWF dubbed the 'Climate Calculator', which enables users to choose their preferred package of solutions for tackling climate change, according to Demos.

When making policy choices on the Climate Calculator, users are shown the direct impact of decisions on jobs, household budgets, and other lifestyle aspects, in a bid to help them grasp the scale and ramifications of the net zero transition ahead.

The process takes around five minutes for users to complete, according to Demos, and includes questions on how ambitious the UK government should be on decarbonising transport, for example, touching on issues such as expanding public transport and cycling, whether there should be more investment in buses and cycling, or whether a 60mph speed limit on motorways and dual carriageways shoud be implemented to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Other net zero policy issues covered by the tool include the rollout of low carbon heating systems such as heat pumps, reducing emissions from manufacturing and construction, and whether to replace land areas currently used for farming with tree planting initiatives.